Ability2Access is a UK based registered charity dedicated to education, training, employment & research & development that promotes ability and accessibility to overcome disability. This includes access to education, work, housing, leisure, health provision, transport and democracy. Research is focused on policy and practice that can enhance inclusion through improving the design and management of activities, places and organisations to make them accessible to everyone. This pioneering organisation fosters new ways of thinking and advancing knowledge through partnerships between voluntary organisations, industry, education and government.

Job Description

This page summarises the purpose of the job and its key tasks. It may be varied from time to time at the discretion of the Board of Trustee-Directors in consultation with the post holder.

Job title: Executive Director (initially voluntary, later Consultancy)
Accountable to: Board of Trustee/Directors
Supported by: Ken Carter (Chair – Ability 2 Access)
**Hours of work: **7 or 14 hours per week (to be agreed)
Based at: At home and at Ability2Access’ office at the University of Reading
Salary: Voluntary in the first instance

Principal Aims:

  • To develop a business plan for Ability2Access that will serve as a focus for fund raising activities;
  • To raise sufficient funds to allow the establishment of the infrastructure of the organisation and enable Ability2Access’s initial projects to get off the ground;
  • To raise the awareness of Ability2Access as a charitable company locally,regionally, and nationally


  • To work with the Board of Trustee-Directors and its advisers in developing and maintaining Ability2Access’s business and financial plans and strategies;
  • Prepare and submit fund raising proposals and applications to statutory and corporate bodies, foundation trusts and individuals;
  • Promote, market and enhance the brand of Ability2Access, in line with its aims and objectives, using both traditional print materials and “new media”, delivering seminars, lectures and speaking at public events;
  • To promote and develop the Ability2Access website (www.ability2access.org.uk) and link it to other websites;
  • To support the initiation of projects which are of direct benefit to people with a variety of disablities as well as to the ICT industry/trainers/teachers/parents/researchers etc.;
  • To work with the Board of Trustee-Directors in securing the appointment of an Honorary President and Vice Presidents and other trustees/advisers representing other aspects of disability, so as to develop a network of supporters and benefactors;
  • To foster income generating partnerships with other charitable bodies, government agencies, sponsors, commercial partners and the ICT industry;
  • To promote and develop the Ability2Access/GOALS4Life Centre at the University of Reading;

We are looking for a person who has a proven track record in senior management in either business, public service or charity work and who wishes to use their skills in advancing the work of a charity/educational enterprise concerned with enabling disabled people of all ages to access the things in life which able-bodied people take for granted. If you are interested in being considered for this new and exciting post or wish to discuss it further, please get in touch!

For further information please contact:

Ken Carter (Chair of Ability 2 Access)
Work Telephone: 01189 313240
Home Telephone: 01491 576281
Email: ken.carter25@gmail.com