Ability2Access is a UK based registered charity dedicated to education, training, employment & research & development that promotes ability and accessibility to overcome disability. This includes access to education, work, housing, leisure, health provision, transport and democracy. Research is focused on policy and practice that can enhance inclusion through improving the design and management of activities, places and organisations to make them accessible to everyone. This pioneering organisation fosters new ways of thinking and advancing knowledge through partnerships between voluntary organisations, industry, education and government.

Job Description

This page summarises the purpose of the job and its key tasks. It may be varied from time to time at the discretion of the Board of Trustee-Directors in consultation with the post holder.

Job title: Fundraising Manager (initially voluntary, later Consultancy)
Accountable to: Board of Trustee/Directors
Supported by: Ken Carter (Chair – Ability 2 Access)
Hours of work: 7 or 14 hours per week (to be agreed)
Based at: At home and at Ability2Access’ office at the University of Reading
Salary: Voluntary in the first instance

Key Duties cover:

  • Developing and delivering a strategy to achieve required levels of fundraising, according to agreed budget targets.
  • Delivering these funds towards required needs; including core costs, existing project costs and new project
  • To develop a strategy and line of prospective grant funders, through different means, that enables a constant flow of grants and possibly bid writing
  • To manage the relationships with potential Funders including reporting requirements, and other forms of relationship building and strategies.
  • To work closely with the Executive Director to plan, deliver and report on fundraising grants and bids.
  • Assisting the Executive Director in developing a comprehensive fundraising programme with successful outcomes

Key skills required:

  • Highly effective written communication skills, capable of producing winning grants and bids.
  • Capable of researching and creating a database of grant funders who are suitable to approach for funding
  • Effective planner and very well organised.
  • Excellent in keeping existing funder relationships, while developing new ones.
  • Creative thinker and able to develop innovative ways in grants and bids fundraising.
  • Excellent communication skills, and capable of involving and persuading grant makers and funders.
  • Able to deliver compelling and effective presentations.
  • Able to utilise statistics, numbers and research in compelling and exciting arguments
  • Good numeracy and IT skills, able to understand budgets and how to cost out projects/bids.
  • Excellent networker.
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team

If you have had a similar role or undertaken fund raising work in your previous employment and would like to utilise your skills to assist our charity/educational enterprise to develop and thus enable disabled people, of whatever age, to access the things in life which able-bodied people take for granted, then we would be delighted to hear from you.

For further information please contact:

Ken Carter (Chair of Ability 2 Access)
Work Telephone: 01189 313240
Home Telephone: 01491 576281
Email: ken.carter25@gmail.com