Investigating the accessibility of online learning materials

We know that high quality online learning materials are especially important in the current COVID-19 pandemic, and that not all online materials are as accessible for all students as they should be.

Can you kindly help us bring about improvements in online learning materials by taking part in an online research study? This will help us to identify how to make online learning materials more accessible and effective for undergraduate students.

We are a research team based at the University of Reading, and we are looking for Undergraduate students to take part in this online research, who fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Students who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Students who have dyslexia
  • Students who speak English as a second or additional language

Our study is based online and involves completing assessments at 2 different time points.

The initial assessment takes about 40 minutes and assesses reading comprehension and your knowledge of two specific content areas. The tests used are short and simple to complete. The second assessment (lasting approximately one hour) would take place a few weeks later and involves attending an online meeting in Microsoft Teams with one of the project researchers. In that meeting you would be asked to complete 2 short online tests, view 2 sets of online learning materials, and complete 2 short questionnaires. A few questions would be posed to you orally by the researcher. Assessments would be arranged for a time convenient to you and an interpreter would be available for those needing one. We would not pass on any information or test scores from you to anyone outside our project team.

We offer incentives for taking part!

All eligible completers of both the first and second assessments will receive £10 to cover expenses (internet use, etc.). All eligible completers of both the first and second assessments will receive a payment of £10 to cover expenses (internet use, etc.).

In addition, you will be entered once into a prize draw for £25. A draw will be made every two months (January, March, May, July). Furthermore, for every person you recommend the study to, who also enrols for participation, you will be entered again into the prize draw.

Get involved

If you want to take part, please register your interest via this link: Register Your Interest

BSL film – ‘Call for Participants’, full information sheets and ethical approval information can be viewed here

If you would like more information, please email Debbie Flory:

Find out more about DEAL at