💼 Through Reach Volunteering and other agencies urgently recruit for a CEO & Fundraising Manager.

📝 Produce A2A “focused” funded applications which represent the new approach.

🎬 Activate previous proposals concerning Inclusive Environments and Accessibility if they are relevant;

🔍 Explore how the newly formed GOALS4LIFE (Global Online Assisted Learning & Support), Specialkidz and AACT can contribute to the work of Ability2Access.

💌 Fundraise through specific Appeal letters to a variety of funders, architects, surveyors & others for a three year £500K budget (2021 to 2024) for the running of the Ability2Access Resources, Research and Development work.

🌍 Focus on continuing to upgrade the A2A website so that it is relevant to its new values, aims, objectives and business/trading potential. A2A, through a pathway of understanding, needs to be presented through the website and other digital networks for maximum impact.

🎯 Recruit talented Graduate/Undergraduate Volunteers from the Construction Management & Engineering Department/Systems Engineering and Computer Science/AI University Departments for a variety of tasks relating to Ability2Access

💪 Work on strengthening the A2A Board of Trustee/Directors, plus Advisers,Consultants, Business Associates etc. so that agreed changes in language and direction of new objectives and powers are implemented. All members to be involved in this and to take collective responsibility.

🧑‍🦽 Continue to develop projects around Physical Disabilities, Mental Health, Access to the Countryside, Dementia, Age Tech and Digital/Assistive Technologies.